Lightweight Laminate Racking for the Belgian Equipment Industry

September 07, 2023

Project Industry: Equipment


Shelf area: 200 square meters


Project location: Belgium


Project follow up:


The Belgian client company is a company engaged in equipment sales. There are many types of goods, but the weight is relatively light, and the goods are mainly stored and retrieved manually. Because the height of the warehouse is relatively short and there is no very large demand for storage capacity, EYDA storage shelf engineers designed a medium-light laminate shelf solution for it.


Light laminate shelves are also called shelf shelves, which are dedicated to light cargo storage. The load-bearing design of each layer is between 100-500KG, and it can be customized if it is in stock. After using the laminated shelves, the messy warehouse became orderly, and the goods were easier to find, which greatly saved the time of depositing and picking up the goods, and the customers were very satisfied.


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