AGV robot rack

AGV is short for Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV rack refers to the intelligent warehouse rack used with AGV, there are two forklift and piggyback, suitable for the warehouse height is short, and want to achieve automatic access to the warehouse storage goods.

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  • 01

    Piggyback AGV rack

    The AGV trolley can drive automatically with shelves, pallets, and material boxes on its back, allowing the warehouse to realize fully automated transportation and greatly improving operating efficiency.
    Piggyback AGV rack
  • 02

    Forklift AGV Pallet Rack

    AGV unmanned forklift access to goods, the height can be designed to 6 meters, single-layer load can be designed to 1000kg, suitable for the height of the short warehouse automatic storage of goods
    Forklift AGV Pallet Rack

Product Description

AGV forklifts or trolleys require smaller aisles, which reduces the area of aisles in the warehouse, makes the shelf layout denser, and increases the storage capacity of goods.

AGV shelves are widely used in warehouses of all walks of life, and have certain requirements for warehouse area.