What is the maximum load-bearing capacity of heavy pallet racks?

November 08, 2022

Heavy-duty shelves, also known as beam-type shelves, or shelf-type shelves, also known as pallet-type shelves, are the most common form of shelf in various storage racking systems in China. It is mainly composed of columns, beams and their accessories. Functional accessories such as partitions, steel plates (steel gratings), wire mesh layers, storage cage guide rails, oil drum racks and other functional accessories can be added according to the characteristics of the storage unit container equipment, which can meet the requirements of different unit container equipment forms. cargo storage.

The single-layer load-bearing of heavy-duty pallet racks can be designed in the range of 200KG-4000KG. If it exceeds 4 tons, it needs to be customized. The requirements for materials are relatively high. Generally, Q235 steel is used, and it is necessary to ensure that the load-bearing standard is guaranteed according to the principle of mechanical analysis. Shelf safety. Professional storage shelf manufacturers have mechanical analysis software for accurate evaluation to ensure that the load bearing meets the standard. Because of the high height design of high-level storage shelves, in addition to load-bearing, the overall stability and safety must also be considered comprehensively, so the planning and design of customized shelf solutions are very important.