Can loft shelves be automatically stored and retrieved?

January 06, 2023

Attic-style shelves are mainly used for manual storage and retrieval, and forklifts can also be used for cargo storage and retrieval. Now many companies want to realize automatic storage and retrieval, and the attic shelf is designed as a form of automatic storage and retrieval.

Automated warehouse shelves have higher requirements on the accuracy and quality of the shelves, so that the automation equipment can operate efficiently and avoid the situation of stuck west and other unsmooth driving. The attic shelf is an ordinary warehouse shelf. If you want to design it as an automated attic shelf, you need to install the standard design of the automated warehouse shelf.


It can be designed as an automated attic rack that uses AGV forklifts or CTU trolleys to store and retrieve goods. Because the attic shelf is a multi-floor structure, if the automation equipment needs to be driven upstairs, it is necessary to ensure that the load-bearing and floor accuracy can also meet the standards for automation equipment.