How to deal with rust on warehouse shelves?

November 15, 2022

Our commonly used warehouse shelves are generally dry and ventilated in the warehouse, but some warehouses, such as cold storage, vegetables, seafood, fresh, and some chemical warehouses are relatively humid, and even some shelves are outdoor. . In this environment, the warehouse shelves will inevitably rust. What should we do if the warehouse shelves are rusted?

1. You can scrub the rusted part with hydrochloric acid, wash off the rust and then spray paint. Be careful not to soak rusted shelves in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long.

2. Polishing and rust removal is to use the high-speed rotating impeller to throw the abrasive to the steel surface of the shelf to achieve the purpose of rust removal. It is a relatively advanced mechanical treatment method, which not only has high production efficiency, but also has low cost and high degree of automation, which can realize assembly line Operation, less environmental pollution, only indoor operation.

3. To remove rust with high-pressure water abrasives, use the impact of high-pressure water jets (plus the grinding action of abrasives) and water prying to destroy the adhesion of rust and coatings to shelf steel plates. It is characterized by no dust pollution, no damage to the shelf steel plate, greatly improving the rust removal efficiency, which can reach more than 15m2/h, and the rust removal quality is good. However, the shelf steel plate after rust removal is easy to return to rust, and special wet rust removal paint must be painted, which has a great influence on the painting of general performance paint.

 But these are the treatment methods after rusting. If our storage conditions are relatively humid or not dry, we should choose a shelf with higher moisture resistance and corrosion resistance from the beginning, so that in the process of use, the It will reduce a lot of losses due to rust on the shelf.