The Application Of 4 Direction Shuttle Racking System

May 23, 2022

The application  of the pallet four-direction shuttle racking system are summarized as follows.


(1) Density storage warehousing, especially for the business form where the SKU of goods is relatively small, but the quantity of each SKU is very large.

shuttle racking system

(2) Logistic centers and manufacturing centers with high land costs, multi-material warehouses, line-side warehouses, finished product warehouses, etc., for example, the four-way shuttle racking system can directly transport raw materials from the warehouse to the production area, and in the condition such as online side warehouses. The way of conveying line + shipping port is more economical.

shuttle racking system

(3) Cold storage, its space utilization has a huge impact on cost.

(4) For multi-storey buildings, the four-direction shuttle rack system can use its own unique advantages to open up the buildings in the old industrial park into a modern intelligent warehouse.

(5) Idle space in manufacturing factories or logistics centers. For example, there are usually five or six meters of space above the office and production line. The four-way shuttle can make full use of these spaces and complete material transportation by combining with elevators to avoid crossing the ground logistics line. Helping companies to improve space utilization, save costs, and at the same time have a very important meaning for future production and further development.

warehouse shuttle

(6) Cross-building connections in the park. The four-way shuttle can be regarded as a tracked mobile robot, which stores and transports goods between various buildings with different functions in the park (such as the aforementioned raw material warehouse, line side warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc.), and all To get through the building. In this way, the storage space between the various buildings can be shared.