Warehouse Gravity Flow Pallet Rack

June 09, 2022

Warehouse Gravity Pallet Rack is evolved from pallet racking. It also call pallet follow rack, gravity roller rack for pallet storage. It uses the weight of the goods to realize the first-in-first-out of the goods and has a high space utilization rate. It is especially suitable for goods with a certain warranty period and not suitable for long-term storage.


The total depth of the gravity flow pallet rack (ie the length of the guide rail) should not be too large, which will affect the space utilization, and the ramp will be lengthened, the sliding control will be poor, and the sliding momentum will be greater , It is easy to cause poor sliding, obstruction, and overturning of pallet goods. 

In order to make the slide smoothly, if the ramp is long, a damping device should be installed in the middle. In order to prevent the pallet cargo from tipping over due to excessive impact when it slides to the bottom end, a buffer device should be installed at the lowest part of the ramp. It is also necessary to set up an automatic separation device for pallet cargo at the lower end of the track to facilitate the pickup. Therefore, the design, manufacture, and installation of this system are difficult and costly.


pallet rack rollers

Therefore, the gravity flow pallet rack should not be too high, generally within 6m, and the weight of the single pallet is generally within 1000kg, otherwise its reliability and operability will be reduced. It is generally suitable for a small variety of large quantities of goods, and currently there are not many applications in China. This kind of racking system also has certain requirements on pallets, and has certain requirements on the rigidity, carrying capacity, and material of the pallets. 

Generally, wooden pallets are not suitable, and most of them are plastic and steel pallets. In addition, the gravity pallet racking system has higher requirements on the ground, and has higher requirements on its flatness and ground endurance, especially the uneven sinking of the ground will have a greater impact on it.


gravity flow racks

The characteristics of gravity rack.

1. The goods are deposited from the high end, slide to the low end, and taken out from the low end. During the sliding of the cargo, a damper is installed on the slide to control the sliding speed of the cargo to be kept within a safe range. A separator is installed at the shipping end of the chute, and the handling machinery can smoothly take out the goods at the first board position.

2. The goods follow the first-in first-out order, and the shelves have high storage density and flexible coordination functions.

3. It is suitable for storage operations with pallets as the carrier. The goods are stacked neatly, which provides a better solution for the storage of large and heavy objects. The storage space utilization rate is above 75%, and only one inbound and outbound channel is required.

4. Gravity racking adopts non-powered form, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, and can operate at full load.