What types of industrial cantilever rack are there?

October 28, 2022

Cantilevered rack are a very common shelf product in current warehousing operations. The structure of cantilevered rack is relatively light, but the carrying capacity is very good. According to the needs of enterprises, cantilevered rack can be divided into single cantilever or double cantilever. The length of the cantilever rack can also be freely selected according to the actual situation of the warehouse.


Most of the goods stored on cantilever racks are pipes, profiles, etc., which not only improves the utilization of warehouse space, but also makes warehouse management simpler and more efficient.


Cantilever racks can be used with forklifts when accessing and storing. In this way, the efficiency of the access operation is well guaranteed, and the storage cost can also be saved, and various problems caused by manual operations can be avoided.


Cantilever racks can be divided into two categories.


The first type is the common cantilever rack, which is composed of a special profile column and a high-strength cantilever. The adjustment direction of the cantilever can only be adjusted in the upper and lower directions. Therefore, when storing, the goods are stored from bottom to top, and when they are taken out, the opposite is true.


The second is the telescopic cantilever rack, the structure of which is changed from the structure of the ordinary cantilever rack. The cantilever of the telescopic cantilever rack can be adjusted from different directions according to the storage needs, and in the access mode, it can be first in first out to better meet the enterprise's access requirements for goods.


No matter what form of cantilevered shelves are, they can be divided into two types: single-sided and double-sided. The single-sided cantilevered shelves store goods with only one row of cantilevers, so it is better to place them against the wall, while the double-sided cantilevered shelves are not suitable for them to be placed against the wall. What kind of shelf to use depends on the actual situation.