Are Warehouse Racks Suitable for Rental?

November 18, 2022

  Storage shelves are used in most warehouses, and the storage and picking of goods are inseparable from storage shelves. Enterprises basically focus on procurement, and some companies want to lease. Warehouse shelf manufacturers only sell, but not lease.

First of all, because most types of warehouse shelves need to be customized, the design plan is customized according to the customer's warehouse and cargo conditions, so the size and load-bearing capacity of each customer's purchase are different, not standard sizes, and it is difficult to meet the needs of other different customers. So leasing is not practical.

 Furthermore, warehouse shelves are large-scale industrial products. In addition to production, transportation and installation are also major projects. If they are leased, it will be very troublesome for the storage shelf manufacturer to disassemble and transport them back to the warehouse later. Moreover, many shelf factories don't have enough space for the newly produced shelves, let alone the second-hand storage shelves. Therefore, warehouse shelves are rarely leased.