Loading Weight of Logistics Stereoscopic Warehouse Unit

November 23, 2022

The main function of storage shelves is to store goods. The weight of the goods varies from light to heavy, so the load-bearing capacity of the shelves required for storage is also different. Light cargo has lower load-bearing requirements, while heavy cargo has higher load-bearing requirements.

There are many types of warehouse shelves, but basically they all need to be customized. Including the size and load-bearing layers, etc., can be customized according to the storage requirements of the goods. Therefore, the load-bearing amount can be customized according to needs. The load-bearing weight of logistics three-dimensional warehouse units is generally between 200KG-3000KG, which can meet the load-bearing requirements of most goods. How much can the load-bearing capacity reach? Professional storage rack manufacturers generally have mechanical software for analysis and evaluation to ensure that the load-bearing capacity reaches the use standard.

The load-carrying weight of logistics three-dimensional warehouse units can be designed and customized according to requirements. The three-dimensional warehouse shelf is a smart shelf that many companies are using today. While increasing the storage capacity, the operating efficiency is several times higher than that of the non-automated warehouse shelf. It is the preferred type of customized storage shelf.