Are CTU shelves suitable for storing heavy goods?

June 02, 2023

CTU shelf is also called material box robot shelf, which is a kind of fully automated three-dimensional warehouse shelf, which is composed of material box robot, shelf and control system. It can realize automatic storage and retrieval, and is suitable for warehouses with shorter height and lighter goods. Is the CTU shelf suitable for storing heavy goods?

Heavy goods generally weigh more than 1 ton per pallet, while CTU shelves are generally designed to bear less than 50KG per cargo, which is suitable for automatic storage of light goods, so CTU shelves are generally not suitable for heavy goods storage. If you want to realize automatic storage of heavy goods, you can use shuttle racks, four-way intensive warehouse racks, stacker three-dimensional warehouse racks, and AGV racks.

For example, for the storage of heavy goods, AGV shelves can be used for storage. If you want higher storage capacity, you can use shuttle shelves and four-way car-intensive warehouse shelves for storage. If the height of the warehouse is high, such as a warehouse with a height of more than 20 meters, you can use the stacker three-dimensional shelf for storage.