Mezzanine Floor Racking System For Warehouse - EYDA

May 08, 2023

The Mezzanine Floor Racking System  is known, the only storage mode that does not increase the use of the ground in the original storage space, and is the most direct and effective storage mode.Mezzanine Floor Racking System , as the name suggests, are shelves with a multi-layer structure just like the attic. A new platform can be built on the basis of the original site. It is an effective way to directly increase the storage space. won't take up too much space

Mezzanine Floor Racking System are known as the only multi-purpose racks that can be used for both storage and office work. Users can design their offices on the first or second floor according to their own needs. It is very convenient to work, purchase and ship goods, and reduce transportation costs! save time.

Mezzanine Floor Racking System  are known, the most "flexible", simplest and most convenient racks. Relocation and re-upgrading are easy. It is especially suitable for renting warehouses and users whose specifications and sizes of goods change frequently. It can also be equipped with elevators, import ports, isolation nets and other facilities according to needs, which is very user-friendly!