The difference between heavy mezzanine rack and medium mezzanine rack

May 18, 2023

The difference between medium-sized  mezzanine rack and heavy-duty mezzanine rack In short, the lower support shelves have different loads, so the attic platform part has different load capacity. mezzanine rack are divided into medium-sized attic shelves and heavy-duty rack.

Medium-sized mezzanine rack: The shelf base structure adopts medium-sized shelf columns. The shelf floor adopts a special floor for mezzanine rack, and the floor adopts an interlocking structure. Erection of support beams under the slab.

The specifications of the medium-sized mezzanine rack columns are: 60×50×1.5mm or 70*50*1.5 special shelf column profiles. It is made of high-quality strip steel through Kaiping, rolling by automatic rolling mill, punching by punching machine, and then cutting according to the height specified by the customer. Column brackets and connecting beams are made of high-quality cold plates that are bent and punched.

The specification of the heavy-duty attic shelf column is 90×70×2.0mm special heavy-duty  rack column profile. The crossbeam adopts cold-rolled p-type closed beam, and the specifications are: 50×30, 64×40, 80×50. It is a standard product specially produced for shelves in the cold-formed industry. After repurchasing, according to the customer's size, the material is cut, and the special column grip is welded to the shelf connection, and the semi-finished product can be formed by grinding.

After all shelf parts are produced, they need to undergo the last shot blasting machine to remove oil, rust, and surface spray treatment. After completion, it can be packaged and shipped.