How to achieve high-density storage in cold storage?

January 10, 2023
Cold storage shelves are storage equipment for storing various goods in cold storage. In the cold chain logistics and deep processing of agricultural products, cold storage and its supporting shelves play a vital role. The biggest feature of the cold storage is the low temperature. At such a low temperature, some characteristics of the shelf will change. Therefore, the materials used for the production of normal temperature storage shelves are not suitable for the production of cold storage shelves, so the materials of the cold storage shelves need to be replaced. It is made of steel with good cold toughness at low temperature, so that the cold storage shelves will not be affected by low temperature, will not shrink, will not make the steel brittle, and make the shelves more stable in the cold storage.

A brief introduction on how to design cold storage shelves to meet the storage needs of the cold chain logistics industry. Now shelf manufacturers have designed many types of shelves that can be used in cold storage, such as drive-in shelves, shuttle shelves, stacking shelves and four-way shuttle car shelves. These shelves can be designed with a height of more than 10 meters, which can make full use of the space. Most manufacturers still prefer to choose automated high-intensity storage shelves, which can reduce the labor input cost of entering and leaving the warehouse, improve the efficiency of entering and leaving the warehouse, and save space. If you need to purchase cold storage shelves, you can directly find the shelf manufacturer to customize, and the manufacturer will customize a suitable cold storage shelf according to your specific needs.