What is the access efficiency of the automated rack CTU rack?

March 13, 2023

CTU Rack is a new type of intelligent warehouse Rack. The English name of CTU is Container Transfering Unit, so CTU shelf is also called box robot shelf. Since it is a smart shelf, many customers will care about its operating efficiency. How about the storage and retrieval efficiency of CTU shelves?

The storage and retrieval efficiency of the CTU shelf of EYDA shelf manufacturer is relatively high. A material box robot can store and retrieve 5 boxes of goods at a time. The specific efficiency depends on the distance from the picking area to the shelf. Generally speaking, the deposit and withdrawal of goods per hour can reach about 100 boxes. The more bin robots used, the higher the efficiency of warehouse operations, and of course, the higher the price of CTU shelves.

EYDA shelf manufacturer's CTU shelf operation efficiency is relatively high. In addition to CTU shelves, other types of intelligent storage shelves, such as AGV shelves, stacker three-dimensional shelves, four-way vehicle three-dimensional shelves, etc., are also widely used in warehouses.