Can the cantilever rack be stored and retrieved with a forklift?

February 24, 2023

There are many types of shelves, and the cantilever shelf is also a special kind of shelf. It can be seen at a glance from the structure that it is different from other types of shelves. It is mainly used to store pipes, plates, strips, etc. Irregular items are usually picked up manually, so can the cantilevered heavy-duty shelves use forklifts to access the goods?

Cantilever racks usually have 3 access methods. The first is manual storage and retrieval, and the height is generally designed to be less than 2 meters, which is convenient for manual direct storage and retrieval. The second is forklift access to goods, the height can be designed to about 6 meters, but it needs to use crab walking forklift to facilitate access. The third is automatic storage and retrieval. It is necessary to design intelligent cantilever shelves, such as stacking cantilever shelves, to realize automatic storage and retrieval.

If you need to place long and irregular products such as pipes and plates in your warehouse, you can contact our sales engineers, and we will design a cantilever shelf suitable for your side according to your needs.