Is it suitable for the platform rack to be paved with wood or galvanized sheet?

November 23, 2022

Warehouse shelves are basically made of steel, but in addition to the iron part, some types of storage shelves also need to be used with laminates. The common laminates are wood laminates and iron laminates.

There are several types of warehouse shelves that require laminates, such as shelf shelves, attic shelves, and platform rack platform shelves, all of which are types of warehouse shelves that require laminates. As I said just now, wood and iron boards are generally used, and some attic shelves will be covered with galvanized sheets. What kind of laminate is better?

If you have high requirements for aesthetics and service life, and the load-bearing capacity is relatively high, you can choose iron laminates. If you require more favorable prices, you can choose wooden laminates. At the same time, wooden laminates have a moisture-proof effect and can be replaced after a period of use. The service life of laminates will be shorter than that of iron laminates. It should also be noted that for safety reasons, wooden boards are not anti-corrosion, and there are also potential safety hazards for fire use.