What is the design height of the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse for pipes?

January 04, 2023

Warehouses are becoming more and more intelligent now, and realizing automation is an inevitable trend in the development of warehouse management. Automated three-dimensional warehouses use three-dimensional warehouse equipment to realize high-level rationalization of warehouses, automated access, and simplified operations. The main body of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, roadway stacking cranes, workbenches for entry and exit, and automatic entry and exit and operation control systems.

There are more and more intelligent three-dimensional warehouses for pipes, and the demand is increasing. High-density storage of pipes can be realized. How high can the three-dimensional pipe warehouse be designed? The height of the pipe intelligent three-dimensional warehouse can be designed to be more than 25 meters. As long as the height of the warehouse is high enough, the available height of the warehouse can basically be used. In this way, not only can the storage capacity be greatly increased, but also the efficiency of automated operation storage and retrieval can be efficiently improved. It can be seen that the advantages of intelligent warehouse shelves are very obvious. Pipes can be accessed in an orderly manner, which greatly saves storage space.