Can oil drum products be stored automatically?

April 04, 2023

Our common chemical products, liquid raw materials, petroleum, cosmetic raw materials, lubricating oil, etc. are all sealed and stored in barrels. Oil drum products are irregular and difficult to store. During storage, they need to be waterproof and fireproof. Some of these products also require specific storage environments, such as low temperature and ventilation to achieve intensive storage. So can oil drum products be stored automatically?

Yes, the ASRS Racking System can be used for barreled goods, rolled goods, or thin strip goods. There are several types of automated vertical warehouse shelves, such as stacker three-dimensional warehouses, four-way car three-dimensional warehouses, AGV shelves, and CTU shelves. Among them, the stacker three-dimensional warehouse, the four-way car three-dimensional warehouse, and the AGV shelves are all suitable for storing barreled goods. First, the oil barrels are placed on the pallet, and then the height of each layer is designed according to Automated storage solutions. Use a forklift with pallets to store and retrieve goods.

It can be seen that barreled goods, that is, oil barrels, can be stored automatically. Automated storage can not only increase the storage capacity, but also greatly improve the efficiency of storage and retrieval.