Three ways to use pallets on shuttle racks

October 12, 2023

Title: Three ways to use pallets on shuttle racks

Keywords: shuttle rack shuttle rack system


Shuttle racks can greatly increase the volume ratio of the warehouse. For example: after the general drive-in rack is transformed into a shuttle rack system, the utilization rate of the original warehouse can be increased by 30%. Of course, each project requires our engineering staff to make reasonable plans based on specific conditions.

1. Ordinary forklift + shuttle rack system. Compared with the stacker system, although the degree of automation of this system is not high, the cost is much lower; in addition, more cargo spaces can be accommodated in the same storage area. Because the stacker system can generally only store double or at most three extension positions when the pallet load is 1 ton, while the shuttle system can store more than a dozen or even dozens of extension positions, so the storage density is higher.


2. Sub-car racking system. Compared with the stacker crane system, first of all, the single-machine structure of the sub-cartridge is simpler, and simplicity means fewer fault points; secondly, the storage density is higher; thirdly, it is scalable and has a higher degree of flexibility; fourthly, emergency response is more In time, if the stacker fails, it will cause the entire tunnel operation to stop and affect the system operation efficiency. However, the sub-cartridges operating by layers can reduce or even avoid the occurrence of such problems through reasonable scheduling; fifth, It is very energy-saving. Under the same load of one ton, the stacker's dead weight reaches 5 to 8 tons, and the energy consumption is even more than 20 kilowatts, while the sub-trailer system only requires 3 kilowatts; in addition, under the same efficiency conditions, the sub-trailer system only needs 3 kilowatts. The cost of the truck system is not much different from the cost of the stacker system, which is also a relatively big advantage.


3. Stacker + shuttle rack system. This system is essentially based on a stacker. The shuttle is replaced by a stacker whose forks can be infinitely extended. Therefore, its advantage is that the storage density is much higher than that of an ordinary stacker warehouse, and it is also more flexible. , one stacker crane can be combined with multiple shuttle vehicles to improve operating efficiency. However, its efficiency is lower than that of a stacker, because no matter how it is improved, it can only be infinitely close to the efficiency of a stacker, so it is more suitable for applications in scenarios with very high storage density requirements and relatively low efficiency requirements.