What are the advantages of shelves with P-shaped holes?

May 30, 2023

Today's warehouse storage shelves are basically combined structures, which can be disassembled and adjusted, so the columns will have punching holes, and the beams can be directly hung and buckled on the hole pattern of the vertical warehouse to achieve the effect of fastening. There are many hole types for storage shelves, such as butterfly holes, diamond holes, round holes, P-shaped holes, etc., and each hole type has its advantages. What are the advantages of P-shaped hole shelf factory shelves?

The design of the P-type hole has more points of focus, which can increase the actual bearing capacity, and the load-bearing capacity will exceed the actual load-bearing capacity. This type of hole requires higher punching technology, higher quality, and higher cost, so there are not many shelf manufacturers on the market that produce P-shaped holes, because not every shelf manufacturer can have such a high production technology.

It can be seen that the advantage of the P-type hole is that there are more focus points, which can ensure that the load capacity reaches the standard or even exceeds the standard. Therefore, P-type holes are generally used on heavy-duty shelf factory shelves, such as pallet shelves, drive-in shelves, double-depth shelves, shuttle shelves, four-way car three-dimensional shelves, stacker three-dimensional warehouse shelves, etc.