What are the advantages of medium duty racks in Guangdong warehouse?

July 19, 2022

Medium duty racks are one of the more common types of industrial shelves, referring to storage shelves with relatively medium load-bearing capacity, such as shelf racks. It is mainly composed of uprights, beams, pallets and laminates. It can be assembled, adjusted and disassembled without screws or rubber hammers, which is very convenient.


Many companies will use medium duty racks, so do you know what advantages are the medium duty shelving in Jieyang, Guangdong?


medium duty racks

Height of medium duty racks

The total height of medium duty racks is usually no more than 2 meters, which is convenient for manual picking. In the case of using climbing ladders, the total height of storage shelves is usually within 3 meters, which greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse space. The medium duty shelving in the warehouse can freely adjust the layer height, add or subtract layers, are in stock, and can also be customized.


Bearing of medium duty racks

The bearing capacity is usually 300KG-500KG for a single layer. Standard sizes are available in stock within a single-layer load of 500KG. If it is not a standard specification, the bearing capacity is less than 500KG, or exceeds 500KG, it needs to be customized. With the use of climbing ladders, the utilization rate of warehouse space can be greatly improved.


The scope of application of medium duty racks

Jieyang warehouse medium duty racks are suitable for storing products of various varieties and specifications. Heavy goods can also be accessed using storage equipment such as forklifts, which need to be used with pallets.


medium duty shelving has low requirements on the site and is suitable for most warehouses. Widely used in daily necessities, clothing, auto parts, electronic devices, hardware and other industries.

medium duty shelving