How Automated Warehouse Racking Works

March 01, 2023

The dispatching monitoring and management system (WC/MS) of the automated warehouse is to use the computer to realize the operation process control, real-time monitoring and logistics information management and tracking of all the equipment of the automated storage system (Automated Storage/Retrival System). Logistics information management includes job planning, job scheduling, job process and job change. The computer scheduling monitoring and management system is an important part of the automatic warehouse system.

The design principles of WC/MS should be practicability, reliability, advancement and openness (extensibility).

AS/RS system level introduction

The complete AS/RS is divided into four layers, namely: service layer, management layer, monitoring layer and execution layer. WC/MS manages to the upper three layers:

In the service layer, the system server provides database services, exchanges and processes material information with the management layer through the local area network, and realizes information integration and resource sharing with the business system.

The management team completes the senior management work of the system, and is responsible for the warehouse system's location management, warehouse entry and exit management, inquiry reports, inventory analysis, system maintenance, fault analysis, etc., and realizes information interaction with the server and monitoring system and the issuance of operation instructions.

The monitoring layer is responsible for receiving, forwarding, and coordinating the inbound and outbound instructions of the management system, completing the decomposition, queuing, and release of job instructions, and controlling the various executive agencies of the logistics equipment; receiving and processing real-time collection and animation tracking of various information of the control system. It is the heart of the contact management and control system.

The executive layer implements, tracks and sequentially completes the tasks specified in the job instructions through the executive agencies of each link.