What preparations are required before the design of the automated warehouse?

March 02, 2023

The automated three-dimensional warehouse has become an indispensable warehousing technology for enterprise logistics and production management due to its high space utilization rate, strong inbound and outbound capabilities, and the use of computers for control and management, which is conducive to the implementation of modern management by enterprises. By the enterprise's attention.

Although the automated three-dimensional warehouse has many advantages, the cost is not low, so enterprises should be cautious when planning the automated three-dimensional warehouse. What preparations need to be done before the design of the automated three-dimensional warehouse?

1. Understand the site conditions, including weather, topography, geological conditions and other environmental influences.

2. In the overall design of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, the disciplines of machinery, structure, electrical, and civil use intersect and restrict each other. This requires third-party logistics companies to take into account the needs of various industries in the design, such as the motion accuracy of machinery.

3. Develop third-party logistics companies, invest in storage systems, staffing and other plans, and determine the scale of the storage system and the degree of mechanization and automation of the storage system.

4. Investigate other aspects related to the warehousing system of third-party logistics enterprises, such as the source of goods, warehouse traffic conditions, goods packaging, goods transportation methods, goods final destination and means of transportation, etc.