Japan E-DICS INC company shelf storage rack

May 23, 2022

Customer Name : E-DICS INC

Project Industry : Furniture Industry

Shelf area : 2800 Square

Project Location : Osaka, Japan


Customer introduction:

E-DICS INC mainly produces furniture products and has a lot of inventory, so it uses two large warehouses for storage. The total area of the shelves is 2800 square meters.


Project follow up:

The furniture produced by the customer has sofas, tables, chairs, beds, etc., and the shapes are not regular, so EYDA Storage Shelf Co., Ltd. designed shelf storage racks for them.


Shelf racks do not have too many restrictions on the shape and weight of goods, and have a wide range of applications. They can be accessed by forklifts or manually, which is very convenient to use.

The Japanese love cleanliness very much, and the warehouses with shelves are neatly packed. This not only allows people working in the warehouse to enjoy a beautiful working environment, but also has great benefits for physical and mental health.