Guangdong High-quality Knives Drawer-type Mold Shelf

June 15, 2022

Customer Name: Heshan Shaping High Quality Tool Co., Ltd.

Project industry: tool industry 

Shelf area: 600 square meters    Project location: Guangdong, China 

Customer introduction:

Heshan Shaping High Quality Knives Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of various types of economical knives, stainless steel kitchen utensils, and plastic products.

The office address is located in Jiangmen China, the first hometown of overseas Chinese in China and the hometown of Chinese folk art.There are 145 employees.    The company has the best products and professional sales and technical teams. In the past 19 years, they have provided customers with the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service.


Project follow up:

Because the production of multiple tool products requires a lot of molds, this time a batch of drawer-type mold racks are specially customized to store these molds.


These molds are all heavy. The load-bearing capacity of each drawer-type mold rack is designed to be 1.5 tons, with a total of 4 layers.


Because of the weight, the width and span of the mold shelf are small, and the three-column mold rack ensures that the utilization rate of the warehouse can be improved,at the same time,to ensure safe storage.


Real scene show:

mold rack

mold Shelf

mold Shelf