Corridor Shelves of United Mining (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

April 12, 2023

Customer Name: United Minerals (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: Wholesale Industry

Shelf area: 1300 square meters

Project location: Foshan City

Customer introduction:

United Minerals (Foshan) Co., Ltd. is a wholly American-owned enterprise. It is a professional refractory company that develops and produces high-quality monolithic refractory products and provides on-site technical services for the foundry and metallurgical industries. United Minerals (Foshan) Co., Ltd. produces various unshaped refractory materials with the same high quality and stability as United Minerals in the United States. Its products mainly include dry vibration materials, castables, thermal insulation coatings and other MINRO series refractory materials. Under the guidance of the quality policy of "meeting and exceeding customer expectations", Allied Mining provides customers with value-for-money services and develops together with customers.

Project follow up:

Because the specifications of the goods are uniform and the categories are single, the customer requires intensive storage. The shelf engineer of Yida Warehouse designed a corridor-style shelf with dense storage space and large storage capacity. After using corridor shelves, the storage capacity of the warehouse has increased several times, and the entire warehouse has become neat, beautiful and orderly.

Corridor racks, also called drive-in racks or through racks, are a type of high-position heavy-duty racks, suitable for storage of goods with uniform specifications and a single category. It saves aisle space and has a large amount of intensive storage space, so it also becomes a dense warehouse shelf.

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