Weiyi Home Customized Heavy-Duty Beam Shelves

April 10, 2023

Customer Name: Weiyi Custom Household Products Co., Ltd.

Project industry: household industry

Shelf area: 3200 square meters

Project location: Foshan City

Customer introduction:

Founded in 2004, Weiyi Custom Furniture is the core brand of Weishang Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is a furniture enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and service. Since its establishment, Weiyi has always paid attention to the use of innovative technology to serve furniture, and innovatively proposed the concept of digital customization in China, which solved the world problems of personalized customization and standardized production, and explored a way to transform the tradition of using information technology and industrialization in furniture manufacturing. The new way of the industry is a service benchmark enterprise in the industry.

Project follow up:

Because the size of the furniture is large and heavy, EYDA Shelf engineers designed Foshan custom-made heavy-duty shelf beam shelves suitable for furniture product storage, using custom-made iron frames, putting household items into the iron frames and then using a forklift to fork them onto the beam shelves. Implement storage.

The heavy-duty beam-type shelves solve the storage problems of many product categories, inconsistent specifications, and heavy weight. After using beam racks, the warehouse inventory has been increased several times, and the efficiency of storage and retrieval has also been effectively improved.

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