Double-depth shelf case of Guangzhou Changyun Cold Chain Service Co., Ltd.

February 23, 2023

Customer Name: Guangzhou Changyun Cold Chain Service Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: Wholesale Industry

Shelf area: 5000 square meters

Project location: Guangzhou

Customer introduction:

Guangzhou Changyun Cold Chain Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Changyun Group, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Public Transport Group. Business scope includes: retail of computer hardware and software and auxiliary equipment; furniture sales; retail of protective equipment for medical personnel; sales of plastic products; retail of fresh eggs; retail of fresh meat; sales of packaging materials and products; Retailing; retailing of household appliances; retailing of shoes and hats; retailing of sporting goods and equipment; packaging services for transported goods; wholesale of edible agricultural products.

Project follow up:

Changyun Cold Chain Service Co., Ltd. customized warehouse shelves this time, which are mainly used to store food and other goods, and need to be used in cold storage. According to its warehouse conditions and storage requirements, Yida storage shelf engineers designed Guangzhou double-deep shelves for it.

The height of Guangzhou double-deep shelves can be designed to be more than 8 meters, and the load-bearing capacity of a single layer can reach more than 3 tons. Forklift storage and retrieval are suitable for the storage of most heavy goods. The whole project took more than 2 months from scheme planning to installation and acceptance. The customer was satisfied with the effect and achieved the ideal storage effect.