Mezzanine warehouse shelves for Egyptian garment industry

October 19, 2023

Project industry: clothing

Shelf area: 800 square meters

Project location: Egypt

Project follow up:

The Egyptian client company is an enterprise that produces and sells clothing. Some clothing can be folded and stored, while some clothing needs to be hung for storage. After understanding the needs, Yida Shelf engineers designed mezzanine warehouse shelves suitable for clothing storage.

The two types of storage racks commonly used in the clothing industry are shelf racks and mezzanine racks. The design height of shelf racks is generally less than 3 meters, which cannot fully utilize the warehouse space. The customer's warehouse is 8 meters high. In order to make full use of the warehouse space, it is more appropriate to design mezzanine-type shelf storage. After using mezzanine storage shelves for storage, the storage capacity of the warehouse is greatly increased, and different storage needs can be met. The customer is very satisfied.

Real scene display: