Beijing Haoyunda Stacker Automated Stereoscopic Warehouse

August 21, 2023

Customer Name: Beijing Haoyunda Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Industry: Manufacturing Industry

Shelf area: 1000 square meters

Project location: Xi'an

Customer introduction:

Beijing Haoyunda Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with "smart creation project" as the core, based on cloud computing, Internet of Things, intelligent robots, intelligent equipment and other advanced technical means, focusing on the research and development of "smart +" industrial robot technology intelligent production line A high-tech enterprise providing technical services such as design, optimization and upgrading, installation and commissioning. The company takes industrial digital twins, intelligent sensing components, industrial cloud platforms, industrial control systems and other core links as breakthrough points, focusing on the research and development of "smart +" industrial Internet of Things technology, based on intelligent construction, and empowering the future.

Project follow up:

Beijing Haoyunda Company is doing this project for customers. The end customer is the manufacturing industry. It needs to use a small line side warehouse as a temporary storage area for the production workshop and warehouse to facilitate material storage and support the uninterrupted production of the production line. Because of the small area, Yida Intelligent Shelf engineers designed stacker three-dimensional warehouse shelves suitable for cargo storage.

The stacker vertical warehouse shelf can realize fully automated storage and retrieval, and has a large storage capacity and high storage and retrieval efficiency. It is the preferred type of intelligent shelf for line-side warehouses. Now the project has completed the installation and commissioning, and the customer is very satisfied.